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Project China

We have been transforming gardens and building for over 20years. With that in mind, we have returned to several gardens many times so they have a story to tell.

This is one of those stories!

In August 2012 we visited this garden and found this.

Our solution was to raise the wet garden with timber purlins and import 94 tons of soil and returf- basic and economical for this rental property.

Last year a representative of Haizhu asked me to meet him at this memorable address.

Haizhu had bought the property as a U.K. Holiday home and wanted someone to transform the garden. A key issue was to lower the levels (600mm) he was amazed when I advised 94tons plus would need to be taken out without even getting my tape measure out.
We agreed phase 1 reduce the levels, phase two replace the fencing,  stage three simple paving with minimal cuts, a morning exercise area,  feng shui theme.

Because of the language barriers we worked through interpreters and negotiated each phase as we progressed.


Please see my following feedback. Because of my poor English, you can revise it as you wanted.


We are a foreigner family and enjoy the English countryside life very much. To have a traditional English garden is our dream. The initial garden was very unsatisfactory, especially the raised part makes the garden looks very small, narrow and disorganized. We were lucky to meet our garden designer, Mr Mark

Hinkley and his team. They turned our dream into reality!


Kind regards,


Augustine Drive

Keith was proud of his new conservatory enjoying a strong modern look. Frustrated with his boggy garden were the grass struggled to survive.

We fitted drainage, terraced the new lawn. A new simple and modern patio with Symphony charcoal and birch planks was complemented with Drystack wall veneers in Oyster and Nero applied to the house wall. The outside tap was channeled into the wall and moved out of the way. New lighting makes it all stunning into the evening.


I contacted Mark from Rope Garden Nursery, in addition to others who had advertised locally. Mark and one other were the only ones who actually turned up to show interest in my garden project.
Mark understood from the off the issues that I had, being left with an almost unusable garden by the builders, who refused to make any attempt at rectifying the mess they created. We were able to work together on ideas to create a useful, practical and in time with the weather etc, a beautiful area.
His crew attended on the days and times that they said they would and were very pleasant, hardworking and thoughtful throughout the project.
The work was completed and all refuse and building materials removed leaving me with a beautiful area to enjoy, even more, once the weather improves. I am looking forward to having a small lawned area and in the springtime adding some nice border plants etc to fully take advantage of the area.
Mark and I were able to communicate at every point throughout the project and dealing with any issues as they arose, but it was a smooth process at every juncture.
Thank you for turning what was a depressing problem (thanks to builders) into a pleasurable place.

- Keith

Augustine Drive Garden



Sometimes it's as simple as kill, prepare, fence and lawn.

Disabled Access

We were asked to knock through the back of the garage to offer better access and create a garden for someone with poor mobility.

Springwater Wychwood Park

Our couple had lived with their steeply sloping garden for many years. We raised a curving retaking wall with Croft blocks and lowered the back of the large garden to level it up. A multi-tier circular feature in the corner and extend the existing patio with matching Saxon paving.

Snowdon Drive

Grandparents wanted a lawn for their grandchildren to play. We needed to remove sixty tons of clay ,retain with Croft walling and lay a lawn. After several other companies had bodged the job they are chuffed to bits with our solution.


The work was completed in a timely manner and to a high standard. The finished garden looks very smart and is easy to keep clean. The workers were considerate and consulted regularly throughout the job.

We would recommend them to others.

Thanks once again.
- Mr and Mrs McAlpine.

Rosemary Way

A simple brief with a modern seating area with a small raised border. Possibly a water feature but regulations don't allow power to the garden.

Good use of Symphony planks charcoal and birch with a Ying-Yang water solar water feature.


I have had a patio completed by one of your approved installers — Mark Hinkley @ One Call for All Ltd, and I understand he has submitted some photographs of the finished works.

He did a superb job of designing and recommending products from your extensive catalogue.

Never easy to get it right with a new build property but the finished look is spot on and I cannot recommend your products or his workmen enough.


Kind Regards
Mr K Williamson

Kendal Way

The garden fell steeply away from the house. With paving not a favourite and a massive area required we settled on the decking. The difference here is that we managed to extend the deck out with a twisting pier that concludes by stepping down to a Symphony charcoal plank circle.

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