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Smaller Projects

Saxon – Rode Heath

Saxon – Haslington

Driveway – Road Heath

Whilst we specialise in Marshalls block, we are not adverse to working with tarmacadam or pressed concrete. We always like to add a twist and give a nice design to any medium.

Pikemere, Alsager

Knock Through – Newcastle

Very difficult garden to access. So we decided to knock the back out of the garage just to rebuild after completion.

Major engineering achievement to terrace the garden by removing in excess of 140 tons of material and terrace with Marshalls Croft walling.

Client also decided they wanted us to build an Orangery and extend their garage whist we were on site - we aim to please.

Maintenance Free – Nantwich

Manor House, Alsager

We were privileged to be asked to bring the Manor House up to date.

Once the existing structure was removed, we built a green oak reception that tied into the existing flat roof system with automatic sliding doors. All to be completed in a small New Year window to be completed in time for their bridal launches .

Some of the car park was altered to allow outdoor catering and create a green space.

Leighton Hospital

We were asked to create a space for Mums, who had just lost their battle to give birth to healthy children, where they could rest and recover.

There was sunshine in a place they could look forward to better times.

Kendle Way

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