Mrs Drew wanted a drive of circles with an area that she could park a works van at weekends.

We combined Argent Buff blocks with Metro grey, maroon and rose planks. An added twist with the large circle laid to grass guard which allows grass to grow through allowing parking but keeping the softer look.


Having made a decision to have the drive replaced our aim was to have something aesthetically pleasing, contemporary, functional with an ability to accommodate our three vehicles but with two conditions; I wanted circles and grass.

Having discussed initial thoughts with Mark at Rope Garden Nursery I was confident that he would be able to work with our brief and he had some suggestions that we liked including the grass guard which we didn't know existed previously. When we saw the plan this was exactly what we hoped for and we were eager and excited to watch the transformation.

Our biggest decision was what colours to choose. We went with Mark's recommendation. The team arrived on day 1 as agreed and the work began. Over the following days, whatever the weather the team worked tirelessly and professionally to remove the Old drive and gradually build the picture matching the plan. Sections were cordoned Off to make sure we didn't disturb the laid stones but this was done in such a way that access to the property wasn't restricted and it didn't impact our day to day living.

TO say we are thrilled with the end result is an understatement. This has surpassed our expectations. The quality products used and precision Of laying the stones have all made for a perfect scene. Our neighbours are envious and have called round to admire the finished product.

We would like to say a huge thank you to Mark and the team for their professional, efficient yet friendly approach and the pride they take in their work to deliver such an outstanding end result.

- Mrs Drew from email